5 Ways to Use Instagram In Your Fitness Business


Do you know what the fastest growing social network is? It’s Instagram. They now have over 400 million active users and has passed Twitter as the 2nd largest social media network in the world. Instagram is one of most effective brand building tools today. Over 90% of Instagram users are under 35. If your target […]

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

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What is one of the biggest challenges for fit pros? Generating qualified leads. After speaking with hundreds of fit pros, this is one of single biggest challenges they find. In fact, this challenge applies to all service based businesses. Finding qualified leads for your business is challenging because where you find them and how you […]

How Your Online Presence Affects Sales

How Your Online Presence Affects Sales

Did you know that your prospects judge you on a daily basis? They judge everything about your business. They judge your website, your emails, your customer service, your products, almost everything. We live in a judgmental world. Even though a lot of people don’t like to admit it people are judgmental by nature. In the […]