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I Am Here To Help Your Fitness Business Generate Clients Online

I want to show you how you can take your personal training business to the next level. If you’re fed up with barely scraping by, staring at an empty training schedule, and constantly falling short of your own expectations for your business, then listen up. I want to show you the secrets of building a strong, robust personal training business using online marketing methods to help you attract more leads, boost your income, and break through your own personal barriers so you can have more time to enjoy your life.

I’ve always been interested in health and fitness, but in mid-2014 I had what you might call a “light bulb moment”. I had started interviewing various personal trainers from all over the world about their marketing strategies, and after a while I noticed a recurring theme–they all had trouble consistently getting LEADS. All of them were excellent personal trainers, but they would often fall short when it came to the marketing aspect of the business. As a result, many of them were frustrated, discouraged and disillusioned.

Mauricio Cardenal

On Top of New York City

This is where the light came on for me.

I realized that I could take the marketing skills and methods that I had developed in the small business world and apply them to the health and fitness industry. I had built and sold websites for thousands of dollars using different marketing strategies. Utilizing a combination of paid and organic marketing and social media strategies, I could help trainers grow their online presence and increase the visibility of their business. I had seen it work dozens of times in the general business arena, so there was no reason to think it wouldn’t work for personal trainers and gym owners.

This initial “experiment” eventually grew into a full-fledged business, now known as The Personal Trainer Advisor. I created The PT Advisor to provide actionable online strategies that will help personal trainers and gym owners maximize the potential of their business and limit the mistakes they make.

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My years of experience as a student of the top leaders in the fields of fitness and business psychology have enabled me to develop rock-solid systems for generating leads on a consistent basis. In addition, and perhaps most important, I work with personal trainers to help them get rid of any negative belief systems that hold them back, allowing them to unlock their vast potential and operate at a higher level of personal productivity.

I truly believe that being a personal trainer is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t face any difficulties. Unfortunately, many personal trainers fail because they lack a strong support system to help them through the many challenges they will face as they build and establish their business.

This is where The PT Advisor shines the most; not only do you receive practical advice to help you with the various aspects of starting and running your personal training business, but you also receive the vital support and encouragement you need to give you that extra “shot in the arm” when you’re dealing with tough situations. I know what it takes to build a strong, profitable personal training business, and I want to share these powerful techniques and principles with you.

Below are just some of the amazing benefits that The PT Advisor offers:

Tips on how to maximize your sales and profitability Unique and inventive strategies to help you garner new clients on a regular basis

How to properly market your personal training business using Facebook (a HUGE opportunity)

How to leverage the visually-driven nature of Instagram to attract new clients Sure-fire non-intrusive marketing strategies that will make your business stand out from the crowd and get noticed

Time management principles that will make you more money while keeping you from being “chained” to your business

Powerful online marketing strategies that will turn your website into a “client magnet”

The most effective ways to invest in your continuing education and professional development Effective administrative best practices to keep your business organized and running like a well-oiled machine

And much more… 


“In less than 30 days, Mauricio increased our Facebook leads for my fitness studio quite considerably. Before working with Mauricio, our Facebook campaigns were a hit and miss. We were spending a lot of money advertising on Facebook with very little ROI. When Mauricio took over our FB Ads campaign, our sales went up within just a few days while staying within our budget and our lead flow is much more consistent than before Mauricio was managing our AD campaign.”

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My Life Story

My name is Mauricio Cardenal and I grew up in the beautiful city of Miami. I went to the University of Florida and graduated in 2009 with a degree in Civil Engineering. After working in construction for a couple of years, I decided this was not the path for me so I decided to try sales. I was always interested in entrepreneurship and learning how to sell was an essential skill that I had to develop. Once I had developed my sales skills I got into marketing specifically, digital marketing and worked with several small businesses to develop their online presence. I’m now traveling the world living the “digital nomad” life. If you want work with me and apply for a FREE online strategy call please follow this link.

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