The Best Blogs Every Personal Trainer Should Read

best fitness blogs for personal trainers

Which blogs should personal trainers start reading? came up with an awesome list of blogs in the health, fitness & happiness field.

I thought it would be a great idea to put together the best blogs that every personal trainer should be reading and subscribed to. This should save you having to open up 50 different tabs in search for blogs that might be what you’re for.

This is why it can sometimes seem impossible when trying to capture the attention of potential online clients. People will only devote their online time to things that they are really interested in. Just like you will only pick and read from blogs that provide value to you.

Our average attention span has gone down each year and it’s now at 6 seconds. This is a blessing and a curse. As a personal trainer that is starting out it can difficult to know where to start and who you should follow.

I’ve put together this list of the best blogs that will set you on the right path to personal training success.


1. Eric Cressey about-eric

Eric Cressey, President and Co-founder of Cresseys Sports Performance, is best known for his work with baseball players although his blog is a goldmine of information.

With a Masters Degree in Kinesiology, ranked as the  #1 Kinesiology student in the nation. You can relax, reassured that the information you read is going to be some of the best info available in the world.

Eric is not just any old competitive powerlifter either… Eric holds various state, national and even world records. If you’re looking to get stronger (and find out how to get your clients stronger) as well as develop your business then this is the blog for you.

Not only this but Eric’s “no-nonsense” approach to the gym and life, in general, allows you to learn lots in a short space of time.

A great example of Eric’s unique approach is on this post:

What Cirque du Soleil Can Teach You About How to Build Muscle 

Eric often brings in some of the best talent from around the globe to write guest articles for his blog. Here is a great example from Chad Waterbury. Chad talks about exactly how Cirque de Soleil can correlate to building muscle and what positives can be taken from this.

  1. Personal Trainer Development Center about-us:

An awesome resource site run by Jonathan Goodman, The Personal Trainer Development Center provides information on training, fitness, business, sales, and marketing. As seen on Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, Forbes and more.

It’s mission is to give you all the tools you need to be successful and to improve the perception of the fitness industry. It’s a collaborative effort has succeeded in this.

Check out Jonathan Goodman’s Facebook profile filled with over 175,000 personal trainers. With that many PT’s in one place, there has to be some great info going around.

Top Fitness Articles of the Week

Jonathan Goodman provides a weekly round-up of the best fitness articles each and every…. well, week. This is a great option for busy individuals who find it hard to fit in time to read a blog post in the working week but have a few hours at the weekend. These make for some fantastic reads.

  1. Being Unique  coaching:

I saw Adam Bornstein speak at the Changing the Game Conference and was blown away by his presentation.  He spoke on how the fitness industry is being tarnished by copycats and the only way to stand out is to be unique. His blog covers everything from nutrition, training, fitness and motivation. His work has been featured in the New York Times and Men’s Health and is a must read for any fitness professional.

Adam goes into exactly how to be different, unique and how to stand out in the fitness game within his blog.

Forget Motivation. Find your Pulse.

Adam Bornstein’s extremely popular article covers a rather controversial topic of motivation. It’s not that motivation is a controversial topic but Adam is coming at motivation from a different stand point. What if you don’t have any motivation? It happens to all of us, right? We find it hard to maintain constant motivation. What if there was an alternative? Maybe the answer lies in this post.

  1. The Girls-Only Blog

A site that focuses exclusively on women, Girls Gone Strong has a very large presence in social media. Their blog provides a wealth of information focused on recipes, training, and nutrition. If you’re a trainer that has lots of women clients, then you should check out this blog.

If you’re a guy, its always good to see things from “the other side” or in more sensible terms, “another perspective” and this can allow you to change up the way you may train female clients.

5 Effective Strategies for Handling Food Pushers

We all know that one person who, no matter what the circumstances, pushes you or one of your clients who is on a diet to eat what they shouldn’t. Here are 5 ways to counteract these tempting food pushers with a polite response.

  1. The Glute Guy

A heavy hitter in the fitness industry, Bret Contreras is known as “The Glute Guy.” His articles are very well researched and focused on all aspects of training and fitness. His monstrous guides provide tons of value and focuses on glutes, hypertrophy, power, speed, strength, and powerlifting. His blog is a must-read.

Bret uses a range of photos and videos to really illustrate exactly what he describes. This gives you as the trainer the perfect form illustration and even tools to teach your clients with.

As mentioned, Bret goes into extreme detail… his posts may take a little while to get through, but they are often worth every second.

All Glute Articles

Bret’s known for his love of glutes. So here are a collection of all of the glute articles that he has written. This would most probably be a great hit for any female clients that you may have.

  1. All about strength search

Mark Rippletoe’s Starting Strength system could be the perfect starter program to put your beginner clients on to help develop and build a solid foundation to build upon. It’s all in the name – “starting strength” you can tell that this program is designed and made for those getting into the strength and conditioning scene.

The Bench Press – Starting Strength DVD

Mark Rippletoe is known for producing some quality videos to explain things in his blog posts. Sending blog posts with instructional videos to clients, for example are a lot more educational and helpful than a long, boring article about the exercise and the correct form.


  1. The scientific (nerd) approach about-2:

Steve Kamb, runs the hugely popular blog Nerd Fitness, and his unique and engaging style has made a huge impact in fitness. Since 2009 Nerd Fitness has focused on Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset. He provides a great intro on the Paleo diet and his success stories are very inspiring.

Steve may not be the biggest or strongest of individuals but he and many others working with him have completely changed their lives to a happier, healthier one. Steve uses his endless knowledge to help thousands around the globe to become healthier in every way.

How Ron Lost 100lbs

This is just one of the many success stories that have come from Steve’s blog. He has helped many people loose in total, thousands of lbs and if you’re looking for a good motivation source for your clients then this good be a good example article to direct people to.

  1. All-Evidence Alan about:

Alan Aragon’s evidenced based approach to fitness and nutrition is the core of his message. His best-selling book “The Lean Muscle Diet” is a fantastic overview of health and fitness. His blog is a great resource and a must read.

Loving evidence Alan’s approach to fitness allows you to be sure that all of the content that you take from his blog is going to be on the mark and stuff that you can take your clients through, knowing the research has already been done on the topic.

You can even refer to this evidence and make yourself look even more “pro.”

Why Nutritional Dogma Dies Hard

Coming at us with the evidence approach, Alan explain exactly why Nutritional Dogma dies hard with various back up studies and research. This is a very informative, interesting and potentially controversial article. Give it a read and see what you think!

9. The Encyclopedia of Nutrition should be your first and potentially last source for supplement reviews and information. Examine is like the encyclopedia for nutritional information. only features articles and reviews from the elites in nutrition. You can always rely on for the best info available to date.

The Science Behind Caffeine

Everyone loves a good Coffee to start there day. And then to keep them going and going some more and more… and… you get the picture. But what is happening to your body when you are loading caffeine into it? What is actually happening? This informational, evidence driven article should tell you all you need to know.

  1. Lose Fat!

Body Recomposition, is run Lyle McDonald, one of the leading fat loss experts and author of “The Stubborn Fat Solution.”

He is well respected in the fitness industry with a range of books about fat loss including topics like the ketogenic diet and a range of fat loss solutions.

Lyle strips nutrition down to its bones and analyzes various sources and accounts to provide high-quality information about fat loss and the best ways of going about it. As you will already know as a trainer, fat loss is arguably the most popular demand in the fitness industry and Lyle is one of the leaders in the field.

Eating to build muscle

Lyle McDonald knows his stuff. He is one of the leading fat loss experts in the world. So, he generally knows food pretty well. Here is an article in which he covers how to eat to build muscle. With examples and actionable info, this can be a great one for clients or even yourself if you want to pack on some more size.

  1. Getting Heavy

Bojan Kostevski is a doctor who specializes in intermittent fasting. His blog provides a blueprint on training, nutrition, and motivation. His posts are detailed and are backed by heuristic experiences. A very good blog with high-quality information.

Bojan’s no-BS approach to lifting heavy and looking good is unlike any other doctor you’ve encountered. I’m sure Bojan has his fair share of female followers too.. and some might not be there to learn about getting strong!

Bojan talks from his own education as a doctor as well as focuses on looking good and lifting heavy.

Intermittent Fasting

Dr.Bojan Kostevski also knows his stuff. Its why he was the letters “Dr” before his name. In this one, Dr.Bojan covers Intermittent fasting and the benefits / draw backs of using this method of dieting to build muscle / get stronger / become fitter.

  1. Todd Durkin about::

I saw Todd Durkin speak at The Fitness Business Summit” and was blown with his story. His enthusiasm was contagious and inspiring. I’ll never forget the story of his Dad and how he inspired him to make an impact in this world. He updates his blog frequently with inspirational posts.

What is the secret sauce to success?turbulence-training-craig-ballantyne

  1. Turbulence Training 

Craig Ballantyne’s blog is devoted to his Turbulence Training System. It’s a fat loss system used by thousands of trainers over the years. He’s been blogging since 2006 and his archives provide all the details of his system.

How to kill cellulite

Along with many other informational articles, Craig Ballantyne often provides excellent information as well as his dedication to his Turbulence Training system. Cellulite is often a problem for fitness pros and clients and this is the perfect article if you’re looking to get rid of the problem.


  1. Big Chris McCombs about-this-webiste:

Chris McCombs is one of the original Fitness Marketers. His disciples have been hugely successful and well known. His blog focuses on information marketing, email marketing, and business systems. His work has inspired thousands.

7 MASSIVE Mistakes I Made in My Personal Training Business

Failures lead to success. How many times have you heard that one? Well, here are 7 mistakes that if you read this article, you are less likely to make throughout your personal training business career.


  1. John Spencer Ellis JSE

I met John Spencer Ellis at a Changing The Game conference and he couldn’t be nicer. He is always willing to help and believes in the giving more than you receive. His blog focuses more on the self-development and mindset aspect of personal training. His work has been featured in Business Week, ESPN, and Fox Sports.

How to Set Annual Goals: What I do to reach 87% of my personal goals each year

Goals are often the key to success. Targets and aspirations can give things a lot more purpose and can leave you with a strong sense of satisfaction. John Spencer goes into how to set annual goes and exactly how he goes about reaching a large percentage of his own goals every single year.

  1. Kelli Sanders 

I first heard of Kelli through the FitPro Inferno podcasts and have been following her work since. Her blog focuses on helping female personal trainers gain more clients by improving their marketing and business systems.



Its often hard finding and getting to know the best “online essentials” for a personal training business. Luckily, Kelli Sanders have put together the perfect article to get a baseline of essentials that you will need to improve your personal training business.

  1. Bedros Keuillian PT Power

One of the most well known Fitness Marketers Bedros Keuillians, blog, has tons of great information that every personal trainer should read. He’s a very well know brand and his blog focuses on all aspects of fitness marketing. From referral marketing, email marketing, Facebook marketing and copywriting, his blog is highly recommended.

12 Killer Email Marketing Secrets for Fitness Professionals

Bedros Keuillian is a world renowned fitness professional. He knows how to market. He knows the fitness industry. Here is just one of the many fantastic blog posts detailing the best email marketing secrets for fitness pros. 

  1. Pat Rigsby “Ideal Business” about::::

I also met Pat Rigsby at “The Changing The Game Conference” and he was a genuine person who always willing to help you. He recently broke from Fitness Business Insider and has been blogging from his site. His blog focuses on fitness entrepreneurs building their ideal business. He’s very well known and trusted in the fitness industry.

Fitness Business Greeting Cards Templates

First impressions (especially in the personal training business) can be the make or break point for you to either gain a new client or miss a new opportunity. Fitness business greeting cards can be a life and client saver. Here is a template made by Pat Rigsby to help you on your way.

19. Fit Business Insider (Update now FR Nation)abou.t:

A very well know brand in the fitness marketing niche, Fit Business Insider blog provides information on marketing, consulting, and coaching. They developed a well know system, that helps gym owners and trainers gain an edge in their business.

Why Most Fit Pros Facebook Marketing Fails

In this post FR Nation talks about why most Fit Pros Facebook Marketing strategy fails and how you can take action with a great marketing plan.

  1. The Fitness Entourage

I recently discovered Jaime Maree and her blog The Fitness Entourage, which she does exclusive videos for, and her content is rock solid. She focuses exclusively on online marketing with website creation, video marketing, and SEO.

7 Steps to Building your own Fitness Website

Jaime Maree’s more recent post outlines how to go about a very important part of a personal trainers online and even local success. A website. In 7 simple steps, you can have your very own fitness website up and running, ready to grab new and enthusiastic clients.


  1. Ripped Body coachin:g:

Andy Morgan site breaks down the Leangains system of nutrition and training to an incredible useful and valuable resource. His nutrition and training guides are extremely detailed some over 10,000 words and are constantly updated. If you want to learn how to make a site an incredible resource just look at what Andy’s doing and model his system.

Update: Andy recently has moved away from the Leangains methodology and developed his own unique system which you can find here. The design and layout of his new page are fantastic and I recommended to any aspiring fit pro to take a look.

How To Adjust Your Diet To Successfully Bulk

Personal trainers often find it pretty easy to start clients or themselves off on a diet. However when things change it gets harder and harder to fine tune the macro and calorie numbers for optimal success. Andy Morgans article can help.

  1. The Leangains System bio.html

Martin Beckman is the creator LeanGains, a well-known nutrition, and training methodology, that combines intermittent fasting with cycling macronutrients. His scientific-based approach to nutrition has spurred thousands of imitators across the globe. He doesn’t update his site as frequently as he used to, but all his old posts are still referenced.

Dirty Secrets of Intermittent Fasting Exposed

Martin Beckman exposes all the dirty little secrets people may have been telling you about intermittent fasting. Martin knows his stuff when it comes to this topic and he has obviously done his research to provide such an interesting article here.

  1. Mark’s Apple  mark-sisson:

One of the largest and well-known nutrition blogs, Mark Daily’s Apple takes a “Primal” approach to modern living. His blog contains nutrition, fitness, supplement information, and philosophy. His question of “What would Grok do” is a great philosophical question that we need to be asking more.

Dear Mark: Exercising (and Eating) in the Heat; Post-Antibiotics Gut Health Support

In this article, Mark responds to a fan question. This may seem like a fairly specific and targeted topic but it is something you and your clients may be doing that may lead onto other things that you were not expecting.

  1. Authority Nutrition abo::ut:

A blog focusing exclusively on Nutrition with an evidence based approach. AuthorityNutrition focuses on bringing an high-authority source to nutritional information. This blog is a great place to find some credible sources on nutrition.

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs – How to Make The Right Choices

The lines seem a little blurred when it comes to carbs. Authority Nutrition clears the lines to 4K resolution and outlines the good carbs from the bad and shows us how to make the right choices.

  1. Precision Nutrition blog

Precision Nutrition’s psychological approach to training is leading the wave on a new approach to motivation and nutrition. They provide mentorship and train trainers, in their system, which has helped thousands make huge changes in their lives, over the last 12 years.

Overstressed and overeating:

You can always rely on a precise and accurate article from precision nutrition. In this article, the link between being stressed and pigging out is addressed. Where are the links and how can you avoid them is the question in this one.

  1. Robb Wolf abou:::::t:

Robb Wolf takes a holistic approach towards fitness. Covering various topics in detail such as sleep, mindset and various types of healthy diets. Robb provides a wide range of blog posts covering a range of topics… here is something for everyone with his blog.

Have We Been Wrong About Stress

Robb Wolf is known to take on some very interesting topics with his blog. He takes a different approach to fitness and this provides some very interesting articles. Robb goes over how we could well have been wrong about stress since time began.

26. Everything Bodybuilding & Fitness is home to arguably the biggest fitness and bodybuilding forum on the internet. It is packed full of interesting and informational articles and threads covering just about everything and bodybuildinganything. Chances are, you’ve already come across at least one of’s threads in the past as they often rank #1 for a range of fitness questions on Google. has a wide range of articles written by some more controversial people and cannot always be relied on for 100% factual info but it definitely provides some great ideas to take into consideration. In general, features hundreds of elite athletes, clothing and supplement lines and has some of the best articles on bodybuilding and fitness from some of the pros.

How to build muscle without adding fat

Another controversial article from provides some factual and opinionated insights into how to go about building muscle without adding any extra fat. Can it be done? Read the article and some of the debates in the comments and make your mind up for yourself.

  1. The Fitness Nation includes a range of articles from a selected few quality content writers and covers, instead of select topics, more random, fun topics that the subscribers enjoy. T-Nation may not be the most educational site around but provides some great reads for personal trainers. It also features a big forum where people share ideas on a daily basis. Not to mention the awesome videos they bring out.

No more Training Cults

In this one, Chris addresses the interesting topic of people trying to imitate others by being a part of a group.  Sometimes, we identify with certain groups more than others but stereotypes are not always accurate. This makes for a very interesting read.


I hope that you have found some new, interesting blogs for you to subscribe and begin interacting with. This list contains some of the most knowledgeable and interesting people and blogs available to man… use it wisely.

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