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Who's this guide for?

This  guide was designed and developed to provide you with everything you would possibly need to begin transforming, improving and developing your current Personal Training business into something that looks professional, works and brings in sales.

We have searched high and low for the best software, tips, and actionable steps to allow you to go from knowing nothing about the power of email lists to becoming an Elite in Email Marketing. Due to the fact that we are not affiliated with any of the companies that we recommend, you can rest assure the examples we give are truly the best.

This 13,000-word guide will literally guide you to starting a new, highly successful chapter for your personal training business.


What's This Guide About


Fitness Pros… is the short answer. People who own a fitness-related business is another short answer. The true answer to this question would be a description of exactly who should use this guide. Fitness Pros that are happy with current situation and do not want to move forward or progress their business in anyway or people who are scared to make a change or learn something new should stay away from this guide.

If, however, you are somebody who is hungry for success and the type of person who wants to take their business to the next level then this guide is perfect for you!


Table of Contents

Here’s an outline of what’s included in the guide:

    We first define who this guide is for? Why it’s important for your fitness business. The amazing ROI (return on investment) that email marketing can provide for your fitness business.
    Once you’ve decided how important email marketing guide is for your fitness business you have to define your target audience. You have to understand who you’re speaking with and what part of the buyer’s journey are they in.

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    In this chapter you’ll learn the basics of setting up your list. Why you should use an email service provider? Which email service provider is the best for your fitness business? I’ll provide some examples of successful campaigns.

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    There many ways to build an email list. This chapter provides successful strategies used to build your email list. Why you should always be adding value to your list and how to provide unique selling points.

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    This chapter provides information on how to optimize your campaign by using copywriting techniques, like bucket brigades, power-words, and reverse psychology.

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    The chapter lays out the entire marketing process and how to put the finishing touches are on your first campaign.

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    What type of campaign will you be using? There are many types of campaigns you can use this chapter provides the basic framework in customizing the right campaign for your audience.

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    What’s the purpose of email? Some valuable examples are provided here.

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      What is segmentation? Why you should learn how to successfully differentiate your audience.

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    Once you have website traffic what should you do with it? This conversion chapter provides numerous examples on increasing your website conversion rates.

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    The whole purpose of email marketing is to drive more sales to your fitness business. This chapter provides techniques on how to drive more sales for your training business.

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    What’s the point of email marketing if you’re not tracking your success? This chapter provides an introduction to analytics, what time you should send emails, and mistakes to avoid.

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    Here are some thoughts from the top fitness pro who all strongly recommended Email Marketing for your fitness business.

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  • The 9 Word Email Campaign for Lost Leads
  • The Perfect Fitness Email Examples
  • Promotional Fitness Marketing System

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