4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

What is one of the biggest challenges for fit pros?

Generating qualified leads.

After speaking with hundreds of fit pros, this is one of single biggest challenges they find. In fact, this challenge applies to all service based businesses.

Finding qualified leads for your business is challenging because where you find them and how you find them is always changing.

Facebook has been a boom for fit pros. One of the most effective ways to use Facebook is to generate leads for your business. Even though advertising on Facebook has gotten more expensive and more difficult Facebook has gotten a lot more powerful as an advertising platform.

One of the most powerful recent changes was when Facebook introduced Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook Lead Ads are a game changer and will continue to be a powerful tool for any business that is interested in marketing on Facebook.

What’s a Lead?

Google defines a business lead below:

sales lead

Most businesses need leads to drive sales to their business. As a fit pro, this is one of the most challenging aspects of your business. No one teaches you anything about marketing and sales so you have to learn on your own or if you are lucky enough you learn from a mentor.

Facebook is the latest marketing platform to take the fitness world by storm. It’s the single most powerful to grow and scale your business, however, it might not be that way in the future. Facebook is the best way to generate qualified leads and build a community of fans for your fitness business.

Old Way of Getting Leads on Facebook

The old way of getting leads on Facebook is that you had to create a Facebook Ad and then direct users to a landing/squeeze page where they exchange their contact info for a gift like a checklist or a free report.

This is still a very effective way of generating leads on Facebook, however, you’ll encounter a few problems. Some problems include:

  • Mobile Friendly- If a user is viewing on their mobile device they are less likely to fill out a form when they visit your landing page rather than viewing on a desktop. There are a few reasons for this, it’s harder to fill out a form on a mobile device and not all landing pages are mobile friendly.
  • Users Leave Facebook- Users don’t come to Facebook to buy stuff. They come to hang out with their friends. When using a landing page they are leaving Facebook (the party) to fill out the information on your ad. Think about this. They can easily be distracted and actually forget why they filled out their information in the first place.
  • Load Times- This is one of the biggest drawbacks when users click on a landing page. Load times vary widely and they have a huge effect on your conversion rates. If you have slow load times then your conversion rates will suffer.

Intro to Facebook Lead Ads

All these problems can be solved with Facebook Lead Ads. Facebook Lead ads look very much like a regular Ad but, if you click on the Ad the following image comes up:

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

The advantage of Lead Ads is that when a user clicks on your ad Facebook automatically fills their information which can include their full name and email address associated with their Facebook profile. The only thing the user needs to do is to click the submit button. The user can also edit their information before submitting.

Here are the advantages to using Facebook Lead Ads:

  • User never leaves Facebook
  • User doesn’t have to fill out form
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Load Times are eliminated

All these things serve to improve the user experience. If you understand Facebook’s goal is to always improve and enhance the user experience and this a great way to do it.

How to Create a Facebook Lead

The first step is to create an ad as before. On the campaign under objective choose “Lead Generation”

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

On the ad set at the time of this writing, the only option available is mobile. Facebook will be adding the desktop version soon. For optimization & pricing I always choose Leads that Facebook recommends:

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

At the ad level, the process is the same as before. You can change the headline, image, text, and call to action. The difference is now you have to create a form like shown below:

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

The next step is to name your form:

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

After you click next it’s time create the questions for the form. Here you have a bunch of options. I always keep it simple and use full name and email address:

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

When you’re done the next step is to link to your privacy policy. Facebook requires you to do this step to use Facebook Lead Ads:

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

Finally, you come to the end and see a preview of how your form will look like:

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

4 Ways to Succeed with Facebook Lead Ads

1 Use it for Retargeting Ads

Unfortunately, you can’t create custom audiences with these ads but you can target your custom audience which can be your Facebook Fans, website visitors, and email list. Make sure to use these ads to target the people closest to you.

2 Be Descriptive

Make sure you are describing exactly what you are advertising on your ad. Users don’t have the option of clicking on a landing page to get more information. You have to put all your information and describe exactly what you are offering on the ad.  Don’t get cute here. This way the user will know exactly what they get and are only one click away.

3 Keep The Form Questions Simple

Users are much more likely to fill out your form when you only ask for full name and email address. Facebook will also make you jump through more hoops (legally) if you ask for more information. Keep it simple and only ask for name and email address.

4 Exclude Those Who Converted

Don’t waste your money by targeting people that have already converted. Make sure to exclude them when you are creating your campaign. As an added bonus the percentage of your email custom audiences will be much higher because Facebook pre-fills the email address associated with their Facebook account.

Problems with Lead Ads

The biggest drawback to using Lead Ads is that it’s only available on Mobile. It’s easier to reach more people on mobile but it’s a lot harder to convert on a mobile ad vs. a desktop ad. Facebook will eventually have the desktop version available soon, so this problem should be solved.

Another potential problem is the lead quality. Since it’s so easy for a user to give their information you might worry that the lead quality won’t be as high vs. a landing page which requires the user to jump through more hoops. So far I have not noticed any change in lead quality vs a landing page.

Time will tell how effective it will ultimately be.

The most annoying issue is the lack of automation. Unless you have a CRM like Driftrock you have to manually add the leads to your email marketing software. This results in having your lead magnet potentially delayed.

A way to combat this is to add a disclaimer on your ad like this: “Please wait at least 24 hours until you receive free report”

How to Find Your Leads

If you don’t have a CRM then you will have to find your leads. To do this, you have to go to your page and click on “Publishing Tools” and click on Form Library and you will see your Leads:

4 Ways to Succeed With Facebook Lead Ads

This option is only available to the admin of the Facebook page. Export your list to a CSV file and upload to your email provider. I recommend that you do this at least once a day.


Facebook Lead Ads are a game changer. They make it a lot easier for businesses to generate leads. Facebook will always be trying to improve the user experience and this one of the best updates that will enhance the user experience.

Facebook Lead Ads will be a major tool for advertisers in 2016. Expect Facebook to add more options which will include a desktop version. You should start testing Lead Ads and see how well they work for you.

Have you used Lead Ads before? How well are they working for you?

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