Free Strategy Call will show you how you can double your income in 90 days or less with Facebook Ads

Mauricio Cardenal
Founder, The PT Advisor
Miami, FL


Dear Fitness Pro,

Are you tired of barely scraping by not knowing where you next client is coming from?

Are you tired of trading your time for money?

Do you have enough leads for your business?

If this is you then keep reading.

One of the best ways to put your business on the map is with the power of Facebook Ads.

I have had massive success with helping Fitness pros turn their business around with Facebook Ads.

Maybe you've heard all the hoopla about Facebook Ads, maybe you've tried it yourself.

The reality is that it can take you a long time to run a successful Facebook campaign. Facebook Ads are a complicated beast.

In this strategy call, I will show you how you can tame this beast and let Facebook's incredibly powerful machines work for you.

The great thing is that it’s Completely FREE

And, that is not even the best part.

If you feel I have wasted your time I will personally send you a $200 payment through Paypal.

No questions asked. No catches. No strings. Nothing.

That's how I confident I am in putting a winning strategy for your business.

Here's what you'll learn in this strategy call:

  • How to identify your dream clients so you can work with the people you love
  • How to develop magnetic marketing messages that attract these people
  • How to double or triple your online leads
  • How to build follow-up campaigns designed to convert those leads
  • How to optimize your sales funnel that will make your triple your revenue

Here are some of the Fit Pros I have worked with:

"In less than 30 days, Mauricio increased our Facebook leads for my fitness studio quite considerably"

In less than 30 days, Mauricio increased our Facebook leads for my fitness studio quite considerably. Before working with Mauricio, our Facebook campaigns were a hit and miss. We were spending a lot of money advertising on Facebook with very little ROI. 

When Mauricio took over our FB Ads campaign, our sales went up within just a few days while staying within our budget and our lead flow is much more consistent than before Mauricio was managing our AD campaign."

Adi Crnalic Purebody Studios, NC

"Mauricio Believed in Me!

"Mauricio believed in me and inspired me to take control of my business and life. With his help, I created an online lead generation machine that doubled my income within 30 days."

Champ Davis, Champwins

  If you decide that we can work together then I want you to read the case study below because those are the results you can expect. ​

Facebook Case Study Generates $24,000 in Sales

This is NOT for Everybody

My time is limited and I am very picky with who I work with. 

Here’s who I can help

  • Fit Pros that have a solid business already
  • Fit Pros that who want to market themselves online 
  • Fit Pros that have a solid reputation
  • Fit Pros that are positive and are willing to do what it takes to succeed 
  • And, most importantly you must follow MY directions and take ACTION

Who am I?

My name is Mauricio Cardenal and I have helped fitness pros grow their businesses with online marketing strategies since 2014. I’ve implemented hundreds of successful online marketing campaigns. 

My #1 goal for this call is to show you how Facebook Ads can explode your fitness business. 

"Mauricio has helped put my business on the map!"

"My name is Gregg Smith and I am self employed and created the business GS-Fitness. I first just started doing in home personal training, but saw the trends of the industry leading me to the group exercise format. I then developed CORE Boot Camp in 2009 which operates in the city of Newton Massachusetts. It started slow, but then grew fast. I got to appoint where I had a good size clientele but knew eventually turnover would happen. But I did not know how to stay ahead of that to maintain a good income.
Before working with Mauricio I was getting new leads from running Groupon and Living Social deals. Then both of those businesses decided they did not want to work with sole proprietor-ships like myself any more. This was a big hit to my lead generation. I then started to run Facebook Ads myself with no real results. 
In the very short time I've been working with Mauricio he has created at least 2 dozen qualified leads with the Facebook ad campaign he created, not just random people inquiring but people who have a great interest in the service I provide. I'm starting to work through converting these leads into new clients for my business. He has also set up an email marketing campaign that will for sure create more leads down the road. The services Mauricio provides is something I've known I've needed for awhile and would need to keep up with the competition. He has helped put my business on the map!

Thank You!

Gregg Smith Newton, MA
Newton Bootcamp


This opportunity is limited as I can only take a handful of new clients because of the one on one time that is needed. 

I must also warn you that demand for me is growing everyday and what I’m offering you is completely FREE.

Please take this opportunity as it won’t be available very long

Yours for career success,

Mauricio Cardenal
Founder, The PT Advisor

P.S. My clients come to me because they demand a steady stream of online leads coming for their business. ​Contact me today to block anyone else from taking your slot.

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