Learn to Smash Your Fitness Marketing Limits and Make Money Like Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is wildly successful.

He’s one of the best deal makers in the world and has built over 100 companies throughout this life.

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Do you want to be successful like him?

If you said “yes”, then this post has been made, just for you.

By the end of this post, I promise you that you’ll have a better understanding of your Fitness Marketing problems.

Fitness Marketing

Firstly… why do you think so many personal trainers struggle?

Do you think it’s a lack of knowledge?
Do you think it’s because there are too many people in the industry?
Do you think it might be because most trainers don’t know where to start?

No, no and no.

The information is out there.

The problem occurs when there is too much information which can be overwhelming, and not knowing where and how to start.

Even if a trainer does know what to look for and where to look, many trainers still fail to take the necessary steps to dominate their field… but why?

Why do so many personal trainers fail to take action?

Although there can be many, more specific reasons for this, it mostly comes to mindset.

Mindset, and having the right systems in place.

Without having the right mindset, you won’t get anywhere in this business.

Or in life.

Without learning how to implement the right systems in your business you won’t ever grow.

Building a Brand


One of the biggest problems fit pros face is learning how to separate themselves from the competition.

If you can’t stand out, how do you expect to get any clients?

Once trainers can’t seem to get any clients, they lower their prices and make other cuts to their business.

It ends up being a negative, downward spiral.

The problem is that trainers never learn the importance of building a brand and finding their ideal audience.

So, how do find your ideal audience?

It all starts with research.

With knowledge is power.

By learning the fears and desires of your dream clients, you learn the importance of creating a compelling message that magnetically attracts your dream clients.

If you understand how your dream client thinks, you can put the necessary steps in place to turn your dream client from a prospect to… your client.

How do you create this message?

You create this message in three simple steps:

  • By becoming an authority
  • By specializing
  • By using your passion for helping people to solve problems

All these three steps, together, will build your brand, successfully.



Do you believe that you have a ceiling?

In Napoleon Hill’s famous seminal book, Think and Grow Rich, one of the first exercises he has you do is to take a dictionary and cut out the word “Impossible.”

This powerful exercise creates an image in your head of what’s possible…

How much money do you think trainers make every year?

According to Bedros Keuilians annual survey of 100,000 fit pros over 74% make less than $100,000 a year.

That’s almost 2/3rd ‘s of trainers who make less than 6 figures.


What do you notice on this chart?

26% of people make more than 6 figures and 10% make over $250,000.

If you’re making $250,000, this puts you in the top 2% of income earners in the United States.

For me, I’m focused, right now, on providing as much value as I can to Fit Pros but eventually, I know my business will be a 7 Figure business.

That is the type of mindset that you should have for your business.

Below are a few ways you can start smashing your fitness marketing limits and make money like Donald Trump.

1 – Find a Mentor

What’s the quickest way to learn something?

By finding a mentor who has done it before… learn from people who have already “been there and done that”.

Almost every single successful person in history has had a mentor or coach in their lives.Mentor Letterpress

That fact alone should be enough for somebody to wants to be successful, to act now.

We all need to be held accountable and learn from those who did it before.

When you have a mentor, suddenly everything changes. It’s not just you working for you. You have somebody else that you’re accountable to. And that’s very powerful.

I’ve had a few mentors in my life.

I’m sure some of them don’t know even know that they were my mentors, but I look up and learn from them.

If you don’t have funds to invest in a mindset coach then find somebody who is already in a position that you want to be in.

Study them.

Learn from them.

Soon, you will be in the same position as them.

Here are a few steps on finding a mentor:

1 – Don’t reach out to a stranger

Make sure that the person you reach out to is somebody that already knows you so that you can speak with them reasonably often.

2 – Always give more in the beginning of the relationship

You must ask yourself – What kind of value can you offer someone who’s highly successful?

It can be hard to know what that is but, if you do the research, you’ll learn something your potential mentor may need that you can offer.

3 – Build relationships and be friendly

A mentor won’t give you any advice if he/she doesn’t like you.

In order to make friends, you have first be a friend. Don’t rush into this. If people get the feeling you’re “using” them for information, the chances are they won’t give you any. Find a way to begin to be good friends with this person, without being too pushy.

Once a potential mentor knows who you are and they know you can offer them value, you should approach them and ask for help. Don’t make the mistake of asking the question: Do you want to be my mentor? It should a statement rather than a question by this point.

Lead Generation

Building and automating a lead generation system is a must for fit pros that want to take their business to the next level.

As more often than not, a sole trader running a fitness business can become a very intense and busy job to have, often working at all types of randoms times of the day to fit in with your clients schedules. There is only a certain amount that you can take on.

After all, there is only 24 hours in the day.

This is where automation comes in.

They are a lot of lead generation platforms you can use, but the three I have found to be most successful are Referral Marketing, Email Marketing, and Facebook Ads.

You can use all three to in conjunction to build a lead generation machine.

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I wrote an extensive guide an email marketing that you can check here.

For this post, I will just summarize the main points

1 – Use every marketing platform to build your email list.

Since you own your email list, nobody can take this from you.

There are a lot of stories of Facebook Ad accounts being banned and people losing their Instagram followers overnight. Don’t let this happen to you. Your email list is arguably the most powerful online marketing tool you will ever have.

Own your list, Own your business.

2 – Use a compelling Lead magnet

Lead magnets are a form of a “bribe” for people to give their email address in exchange of a very tempting, related to your business, lead magnet (bribe).

3 – Use Landing Pages

Landing pages are the place where people “land” (often linked from an advertisement) and on the landing page, will be the lead magnet. The purpose of landing pages is to structure them in a way that will convince and convert people to buy whatever your saying.

4 – Use an Email Service Provider= Consistency

Email service providers like Aweber or Mailchimp are great to automate the email sending process in your business. Email on a regular basis and form relationships.

5 – Build Trust + Create Value

People will only buy from you if they know, like, and trust you. Providing value in emails and selling less (especially at the start) helps you to build that trust.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the most powerful lead generation system for fitness pros.

They work extremely well, but you have to a strategy in place.

I wrote about these different strategies here:

  • Facebook Case Study
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • The most powerful marketing system for Personal Trainers

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the process of essentially turning a lead into a customer. The sales funnel includes every step in this process.

The most successful businesses have sales funnels systems locked in.

They know the exact steps of every stage the lead goes through.



The first stage in any sales funnel is the awareness stage.

This is the first time you’re prospect becomes aware of your services. At this point, you have no idea if they’re interested, but they know that you exist.


The next stage is the interest stage.

A prospect can express interest by opting into an email list or by booking a consultation.

At this stage you, know they’re interested but they might not be ready to buy from you yet.

This can be due to a lot of reasons, but generally, it comes down to the know, like, and trust factor.

They know and like what you have to offer, but they don’t trust you yet. You have to build that trust over time by providing value.

You will provide value by offering free information that demonstrates your expertise and authority.


This stage is when the lead has turned into a solid prospect and is ready to buy from you.

You’ve provided valuable information that has impacted their lives. A prospect will buy from you if you sell them correctly.

Sales is about self-confidence.

If they believe what you say and you have the proper rebuttals in place then you’ll be successful.

Jonathan Goodman wrote a great guide on selling personal training here.


The final stage of the sales funnel is the retention stage.

At this stage you must ask yourself:

– What are you doing to keep your current clients?

– What kind of systems do you have in place that will keep your client coming back for more?

A good post from Life Fitness you can learn from is here


If you have good, efficient systems in your business, you can scale.

This is what separates successful single gyms from multi-location franchises.

Those big box gyms have developed systems over the years that have allowed them to grow.

All of these fitness franchises have a solid, set in stone, plan that allows them to scale and grow more and more, year by year.

They have processes in place that they can repeat over and over to create consistent results.  Travis Jones has a good video on building Fitness Systems below:


In order to create successful systems in your business, you have to automate.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools in place that you will help you do that.

 I will now list some of these below:


There are a lot of CRMs designed for fitness businesses.

However, two of the most popular ones are Mindbody and Zenplanner.

Email Autoresponder

They are email service providers that allow you to create email autoresponders.

Two that I recommended are Aweber and Mailchimp.

What’s an Autoresponder?

An email autoresponder is a series of emails that people receive once they opt into your list.

They’re used to nurture leads that are in the interest stage of your sales funnel but aren’t ready to buy yet.

If done in the right way, this series can generate thousands of dollars for your business.

Here are 5 simple steps that you can take to create a successful 4 part email autoresponder:

1 – Once they opted into your list to receive the Lead Magnet, send a welcome email and ask them what their fitness goals are

2 – On day 2 send an email with information that adds value. This can be a blog post, workout video, or a grocery shopping list. On the P.S side write a call to action

3 – On day 3 send another email valuable information and add another call to action. Give them a deadline to create a sense of urgency

4 – On the final day send another email with valuable information and a call to action at the end of the email.

5 – A week later, if they didn’t take your offer, send another simple email with the following: “Hey do you still want to lose weight? (The subject will be whatever they’re goals were in first email

Social Media

social 1

In order to be successful with Social Media, you have to have a solid strategy in place.

First, you must define your goals.

Ask yourself:

Do you want more followers?
Do you want more leads and sales?
What’s your end goal for your business?
What position do you want to be in, at the end of the year?

After you define your goals it’s time to look where your potential clients hang out.

For most Fit Pros, this will be Facebook and Instagram. In fact, if you only learn to master Facebook and ignore the other social media networks, you’ll be successful.

Each social media network is different, but they all have the same fundamentals.

If you follow these fundamentals you’ll be on your way to creating a successful strategy:

  • Completely fill out your profile with all your relevant information.
    This includes your bio, mission statement, and a link back to your website.
    A good example of this is Todd Durkin’s Facebook page.todd
  • Add a call to action button and link back to your landing page
  • Place social media widgets on your website. You can use SumoMeshare

Buffer wrote an awesome guide on getting a lot of followers on Twitter and Facebook here

Even though I think social media is important for your business, you should be using social media to build your email list.

You don’t own your Facebook page.

Facebook can ban you and disable your advertising account.

It’s actually more common than you think.

Use social media to transfer your followers to platforms that you own.


There are no limits to your business.

You, yourself set the limits for your business.

The only limits are the ones in your mind.

Once you believe that it’s time to actually do the work, you will do it.

There are no shortcuts to success, you must put in the time and work first.

Here are the “takeaways” from this post:

  • Find a mentor
  • Research and find your ideal audience
  • Specialize
  • Understand the importance of lead generation and sales funnel
  • Have systems for sales, social media, marketing etc.

What do you think?

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